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Spa Box


  • Flax Sak with lavender heating and cooling pad provides a natural way to soothe worked muscles.  It can be microwaved to provide heat (encouraging blood flow and bringing much needed nutrients to worked muscles) or kept in the freezer to cool (helping to reduce inflammation in worked muscles). Removable, soft fabric cover. Directions included.
  • Epsom Bath Soak - the exact amount your body needs for one bath to soothe sore muscles and to detox the body. Empty the entire bag into your bath water and soak for at least 30 minutes. Fabulous!
  • Sore - oil infused with the powerful arnica herb. 1 oz. glass bottle. Great for sore muscles, cuts, bruises, blisters...
  • Spritz is our anti-bacterial, smells great, multi-use, versatile "everything" spray.  Made with powerful organic witch hazel extract and pure essential oils.  Spritz makes a great facial toner and body spray.  It freshens workout clothes, towels, sneakers and gym bags.  It can even be used to wipe down equipment and to clean yoga mats. 4 oz. bottle.
  • Milestones Signature Shower Steamers & Bath Fizzies can be used either in the shower or in the bath.  Either way they smell fabulous!   Our steamers come in your choice of two scents: Citrus Mint and Lavender.  Each bag contains 20 tablets.
  • Three all natural, handcrafted, hand cut bars of Milestone Signature Soap. Our Lavender bar is light and bright with all the lavender aroma you crave.  Lavender Scrub is deep and dark with an intoxicating aroma and cinnamon for natural exfoliation.  Lemongrass will get your day off to an invigorating start with its uplifting fragrance. Pure luxury that lathers! Includes three natural loofah slices designed to look chic at the sink while keeping your soap dry between uses. 
  • Milestones Signature Lip Balm with a motivational label.
  • Tips from the Trainer.  Amy,  our very own personal trainer, provides insights into the importance of incorporating “recovery days” into your health journey.
  • All items come beautifully wrapped and presented in a reusable soft gray felt basket measuring.  Makes a great locker organizer.  Lovable, usable, keep-able, washable – adorable!
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