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Queen For A Day


It’s good to be queen!

It's a Tiara!  Feel like royalty with our whimsical, wearable tiara.  Bling it up, have fun and make them curtsy!

It’s amazing how good your skin will look and feel for all those royal appearances with two handcrafted bars of Milestone Signature Soaps.  Our Lavender bar is light and bright with all the lavender aroma you crave. Our Lavender Scrub bar is deep and dark with an intoxicating lavender aroma and blended with cinnamon for natural exfoliation.

Use these two natural loofahs to keep your soap up out of puddles and dry between uses.  They look chic at the sink and will extend the life of her majesties soap.

After a day of dodging the paparazzi treat yourself to an Epsom Bath. One bag, one bath, one amazing way to soothe royally sore muscles.  Empty the entire bag into your bath water and soak for at least 30 minutes. Fabulous!

Add mason jar charm to her majesties bath time with our 4 oz. candle.  Soak, rest, and enjoy the light floral fragrance. 

“You are Part of Something Beautiful”.  An inspirational keepsake ornament by artist Kelly Rae Roberts.  Perfectly worded, heart shaped, and the box is as wonderful as the ornament it holds. You’ll treasure them both.

All items come individually wrapped and attractively presented!

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