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 A dose of motivation might be all that’s needed to help you stay on track.

  • Our bangle bracelet by Jesse Girl Jewelry says it loud and clear, “She Believed She Could so She Did”. The inspirational message is hand stamped on a sterling silver charm mounted on a stainless steel bangle. A wearable, motivational, inspirational, practical, work of art that will never be far away.
  • “You are on the Right Path”, an inspirational keepsake ornament by artist Kelly Rae Roberts. Perfectly worded, and the box is as wonderful as the ornament it holds. Hang it where it can be a constant reminder that you are on the right path and to remember, "What's your why?"
  • Wonder Woman socks – because you ARE a Wonder Woman we’ve included these as a simple reminder. Wear and release your inner super hero!
  • Tips from the Trainer. Amy, our very own personal trainer, will give you practical tips on how to keep pursuing that next health milestone.
  • All items come beautifully wrapped and presented in a reusable soft gray felt basket measuring.  Makes a great locker organizer.  Lovable, usable, keep-able, washable – adorable!
  • Free shipping.