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Milestones Signature Soap & Lip Gloss Bundle 12 Pack


Our Milestones Signature soaps are famous for their luxurious lather, fabulous smell, and the way they leave your skin feeling fresh and clean. Our motivational lip gloss contains herbal infused oils, coconut oil, pure beeswax, and vitamin E oil to soothe, heal and protect.  Both are handcrafted, all natural, and vegan.

Each bundle contains one bar of soap and one tube of lip gloss.

You will receive 12 assorted 3 oz. bars of Lemongrass, Lavender, or Lavender Scrub. Each bar of soap is attractively wrapped and paired with a motivational lip gloss tube. Each bundle is ready to give.  Helpful hint: there is room to slip your business card under the twine in the front or back.

We believe so strongly in the quality and integrity of our spa products that we put our "Signature" on them.  Each product in our Signature line is artisan made using clean, green ingredients you can trust.

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