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Gym Essentials


After years of experience in the fitness industry we've hand picked these high quality essentials (gym bag, planner, water bottle, towel, bath soak...) and gathered them all into one convenient package. Free shipping!

  • Our Milestones gym bag is handmade just for you by The Scarlet Thread. Deluxe, durable, and drop dead gorgeous, this is no ordinary bag. Generously sized at 19" long x 7" deep x 12" tall to hold sneakers, towels, and much more. This bag comes with two deep outside pockets to hold your water bottle and your planner.  Cleverly designed with a white, waterproof lining to make finding things at the bottom of the bag a breeze! Graced with a tough duck cloth exterior (similar to canvas) and a waterproof interior this bag is fabulously functional as a gym bag, a weekender, a beach bag, or even a diaper bag.  
  • Work Hard Dream Big 2018 Planner - an absolute must! We are pleased as punch with these planners. Creatively sprinkled with color and motivational quotes to keep you on track.  They are a compact 5” x 8” and will fit nicely into the pocket of your gym bag. Monthly calendars spread over 2 pages, weekly calendars (one week per page), a monthly goals checklist, and more.  Sturdy sewn binding.  Made by hand in the USA by Icey Designs.
  • Epsom Bath Soak.  a single use bag of Epsom Salts (the correct amount needed to detox the body and relieve sore muscles). Empty the entire bag into your bath water and soak for at least 30 minutes. Fabulous!
  • Water bottle. Our trainer prefers this water bottle because it's super easy to clean with its stainless steel cap - not plastic. 16 oz. smooth glass water bottle with a leak proof cap. BPA free, dishwasher safe. Gray fabric protection sleeve coordinates nicely with the gym bag.
  • Measuring 13” x 29” our gray microfiber towel is perfect for laying on a gym bench or for carrying over your shoulders.  The anti bacterial material is designed to wick sweat away from your body keeping you feeling cooler and more comfortable during your workout.  Durable, machine washable.
  • Because you ARE a Wonder Woman we’ve included these socks as a simple reminder. Wear and release your inner super hero!
  • “You Have What It Takes”, an inspirational keepsake ornament by artist Kelly Rae Roberts. Perfectly worded - the box is as wonderful as the ornament it holds. Hang it where it can be a constant reminder that you have what it takes to reach your next milestone.
  • Tips from the Trainer. Amy, our very own personal trainer, has tips for you on gym etiquette, and getting started with the long term in mind.
  • All items come individually wrapped and attractively presented in a silver box.
  • Free Shipping.