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Winter Weather - The Veronica


Don’t let the snow or the cold keep you from accomplishing your health milestones! Winter Weather contains everything you need to prepare for winter walking success. 

  • A pair of beautifully handcrafted wool and fleece mittens made by The Peapack Mitten Co. "Veronica" is an artful one-of-a-kind design (argyle wool upper with a red cuff and accent button) that will offer you warmth and comfort during the coldest of winter days. They are lined in high-grade polar fleece and are machine washable. One size fits all.
  • Milestones Signature Winter Weather Lip Butter - a nourishing blend of herbal infused oils specifically blended for dry winter lips. Our ½ oz. tin is the perfect size for pocket or purse.
  • Milestones Signature Winter Weather Body Butter - providing that extra layer of protection for winter skin needs.  1 oz. tin.
  • Milestones Signature Winter Weather Exfoliating Soap – a deep, dark 3 oz. bar offering an intoxicating lavender aroma and blended with cinnamon for natural exfoliation.
  • Tips from the Trainer - Amy, our very own personal trainer, has tips for you on winter weather walking.
  •  All items come wrapped and attractively presented in a reusable soft gray felt basket. Lovable, usable, keep-able, washable – adorable!
  • Free shipping!