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Congrats, you did it!


Congratulations! You set a goal and you crushed it! Now it's time to celebrate with our Congrats Box.  Not only will these hand selected items help you celebrate but they will also motivate you to go all out to reach your next milestone.  We're so proud of you!
    • It's a Tiara! What else is there to say? Bling it up, show off, let the world know that you did it!
    • When performance matters turn to our mesh athletic caps!  Made from a moisture wicking, quick drying cotton poly blend material this cap is soft and light. Featuring mesh vents on each side to keep you cool and comfortable and boasting the Wonder Woman logo.  Wear and release your inner super hero!
    • Motivational Wrap.  Choose from either "I can and I will" in celery or "She needed a hero..." in berry pink.
    • Like a Boss blank journal.  Perfect size to stash away in your gym bag.  Handmade in the USA.
    • Tips from the Trainer. Amy, our very own personal trainer, will give you practical tips on how to keep pursuing that next health milestone.
    • All items come wrapped and attractively presented in a reusable soft gray felt basket (makes a great locker organizer).  Lovable, usable, keep-able, washable – adorable!
    • Free shipping.