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Boo Boo Box


A few essentials to have on hand just in case…

  • Flax Sak - luxurious heating and cooling pad handmade by Lalatextures provides a natural way to soothe worked muscles.  It can be microwaved to provide heat (encouraging blood flow and bringing much needed nutrients to worked muscles) or kept in the freezer to cool (helping to reduce inflammation in worked muscles).  Contains flax seeds and a small amount of lavender buds.  Removable, soft fabric cover. Directions included.
  • Breathe Journal – you’ll feel better after you journal your thoughts and feelings. Get it out of your head and down on paper.  It’s very therapeutic! Hand-lettered, hand-drawn, and handmade in the USA by Icey Designs our journals measure 5" X 8" and contain 40 lined pages.
  • Epsom Bath Soak - a single use bag of Epsom Salts (the correct amount needed to detox the body and relieve sore muscles). Empty the entire bag into your bath water and soak for at least 30 minutes. Fabulous!
  • Remedy Tin Natural Healing Balm - made from a blend of five pure ingredients to heal the most common skin ailments. 2 oz. tin. 
  • All items come individually wrapped and attractively presented in a reusable soft gray felt basket (makes a great locker organizer). Lovable, usable, keep-able, washable, adorable!
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