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"After the Race" Gift Bag


Celebrate your accomplishment with our After the Race Bag.  Fun yet practical, this bag is packed with items to help your body recover, to soothe sore muscles, and to recharge. It also includes a tiara to help you celebrate!

Sore - Arnica infused oil. Great for stiff and sore muscles, rashes, cuts, bites, bumps, bruises, rashes...Unscented. 1 oz.

Detoxifying Bath Soak - One bag, one bath, one amazing way to soothe sore muscles. Empty the entire bag into your bath water and soak for at least 30 minutes. Fabulous!

Cinnamon Scrub Exfoliating Soap - all natural, sweet smelling, and great for your skin.

Spritzer - Our all natural, non toxic, spritzer makes an excellent face and body skin toner.  Made using pure antibacterial essential oil and organic witch hazel extract. Spritz to freshen workout clothes, workout areas, sweaty sneakers, lockers, locker rooms, and vehicles. Spritz to clean gym bags and yoga mats.  Lightly spritz for a bedtime linen spray. 4 oz.

Shower Steamers  - make your bath jealous and get it smelling amazing! Available in Calming Lavender or Invigorating Citrus Mint. Made with all natural ingredients and scented with pure essential oils.  Bag of 20. 

And a tiara just for fun.