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Permission to Celebrate!

Next time you crush a goal, reach a milestone, do something amazing, we hope that you will also give yourself permission to celebrate! Permission to cheer as loud and as long as you would if it were someone else’s accomplishment – maybe even louder! Let’s work on that…

Permission To Celebrate

Amy and I started Milestones because we wanted to see more women celebrate reaching their health and fitness milestones.  Too often, we as women don’t look at our own achievements in the same way that we look at the achievements of our friends, children, husbands and co-workers.  We do a great job cheering for others but how are we doing cheering for ourselves?  We set goals, we work hard to reach those goals and then we go on to the next – often without acknowledging what we’ve done, or how far we’ve come.  Amy and I have set out on a journey to change all that.  We’re here to help you celebrate reaching your milestones! Part of how we are...
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