Winter Weather Walking

Kelly Kissane

Don't let the snow or cold keep you from accomplishing your health milestones. The temptation might be to hibernate through the winter months but that won’t get you to your next milestone.  Our bodies still need to move, our lungs still desperately need to breathe fresh air, and our minds still need to unplug.  

The saying “there is no such thing as bad weather just inappropriate dress” (Sir Ranulph Fiennes) is so true! The more appropriately we’re dressed, the more comfortable we will feel.  The more comfortable we feel, the more we’ll enjoy our winter walks. 

Dressing in layers is key to winter weather walking.  A base layer of a moisture wicking material will help your skin to breathe and feel dry.  Merino wool is a natural fiber; it’s soft and cozy, feels good next to the skin and has excellent moisture wicking capabilities.

Protecting our head, hands and feet is key.  Cold weather forces blood to the body’s core and away from our extremities so it’s vital to wear a hat, mittens, and warm sneakers/boots.  Wool and fleece are excellent fabrics to look for and are featured in our “personality plus” Peapack mittens.

Protecting your skin is key.  Cold weather can contribute to dry, flaky skin.  Some dermatologists recommend applying a thicker, richer moisturizer (body and lip balm) to act as a barrier against the elements.  A great bar of natural soap will clean your skin without drying.  Milestones Signature Lavender Scrub exfoliates as it cleans and is a year round must.  Wearing sunglasses is another must to protect your eyes from the glare as the sun’s rays bounce off the snow.

Hydration is key.  Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate - it’s as important in the winter months as it is during the heat of summer.  Enjoy a pot of herbal tea after your walk – stretch thoroughly - tomorrow is another day.

You can find everything you need to embrace winter weather in our Winter Weather Boxes.  Each box comes with a one of a kind pair of Peapack mittens, Remedy Tin Body Balm, Lavender Scrub Soap, Natural Loofah, Winter Weather Lip Balm and a Winter Bliss candle.